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Sharing your thoughts, successes and failures, and discussing current issues, challenges and opportunities is a great way to strengthen our community.

We aim to publish engaging and accessible content that is useful for the development community;Our team work hard on publishing the latest articles, we simply cant keep up with everything that happens, which is why we would love for you to contribute to the community.


Contribute your article on our website on writing on different topics. All submissions must be unique (i.e. not found elsewhere on the internet). Acceptable Submissions may include, but not limited to, the following :

  • Articles
    • News & media
    • Restaurants and Cafes across UK
    • UK Tech Startups and Innovators
    • Property Management Services in UK
    • Healthcare Providers in UK
    • Financial Advisory Services in UK
    • Online Retailers for UK Consumers
    • Hotels and Lodging in Great Britain
    • Auto Repair Services across UK
    • Legal Firms and Solicitors in UK
    • Vocational Training and Education Institutions in UK
    • Garden and Landscaping Services throughout UK
    • Advertising and Marketing Agencies based in UK
    • Construction and Development Companies in Great Britain
    • Arts and Entertainment Venues across UK
    • Manufacturing and Production Companies in the UK
    • Renewable Energy Providers Serving UK
    • Business Consulting and Strategy Firms in UK
    • SPA and Wellness Facilities in UK
    • Sport Clubs and Recreation Centers in UK
  • Fashion Boutiques and Outlets in Various UK Cities
  • IT Support and Solutions Providers in UK
  • Property Development and Management Services in Great Britain
  • Corporate Law Firms and Legal Consultants in UK

If you are interested in writing for us, please read the following guidelines:

We only accept the guest post which has fully compiled with the following guidelines and they should all be put into consideration.

  • Your heading must be unique and attractive.
  • Use plain English, Your content should be error free.
  • Add unique images with high definition (HD) quality.
  • The article must be between 500 - 2000 words and should be free from copyright infringement.
  • The article must be in microsoft word format or plaintext file format(Do no send a zip file).
  • Once your article get published on our website, avoid publishing it on any other website.
  • We will not accept articles with any affiliate links; links attached to the post must be relevant to the content.
  • After submission of your content, we would review your content and determine whether its a potential fit as duplicate or copied contents will not be accepted.
  • We do not accept irrelevant topics.
  • Use of bullets and numbered list are more inviting than a big pile of text.
  • Use sub-headings to break up text.

Article format

  1. Title
  2. Unique heading
  3.  Unique image

Submitting of article for a guest post

All submissions and contribution should be done via e-mail in other to be considered.

Please include the following in the email before submission:

  • Your full name

we would love You to share your thought with our audience.

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